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FuturePlanner has the Pension Quality Mark Plus standard of excellence for defined contribution schemes.

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Every effort has been made to make this tool accurate, based on current income tax and National insurance rates (2019/20). Please note, however, that it may not reflect your individual circumstances. The actual impact on your take-home pay will be reflected in your payslip.

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As a FuturePlanner member, you can manage your account online. By registering with our administrator, you can see:

  • your current Retirement Account value
  • your contributions to date
  • the funds you are invested in

There is also a pension modeler that lets you

  • estimate your future pension at retirement
  • work out how much extra you may need to save to target a particular level of pension
  • see what your pension might be at your preferred retirement age

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Don’t be the victim of a pension scam

You may have seen the advertisements on TV about pension scams and people being conned out of their pension savings.

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‘UFPLS’ – Taking your pension pot as cash

Since the ‘freedom and choice’ pension changes in 2015, FuturePlanner has allowed members to take a single UFPLS at retirement.

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Pension Workshops - helping you understand your benefits

I am pleased to announce that we will be holding pension workshops for members of the Leonardo Electronics Pension Scheme and FuturePlanner.

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