Smart Pension Master Trust option

If you don't arrange to transfer your FuturePlanner benefits to another provider, the Trustees may move the money into a separate trust arrangement on your behalf.

The separate trust is the Smart Pension Master Trust. You can find out more information at The investment would initially be the same funds as are used by FuturePlanner. However, you would have a relationship with Smart Pension Master Trust, rather than investing through FuturePlanner and could make investment choices from the full range of Smart Pension Master Trust funds available.

No further contributions would be possible into the Smart Pension Master Trust. However, you could transfer other pension benefits into the Smart Pension Master Trust if you wished.

The Trustees would provide you with 30 days′ written notice of the intention to transfer the deferred benefit. The transfer would not proceed if there is an outstanding request from you to use the transfer option to another pension arrangement.