Fund options

If you have decided to manage your Retirement Account more actively, you have a range of eight funds from which you can make your Pick & Mix selection.

The table shows the funds with their investment objective, the risk level assigned by the Trustees based on their investment advice and the charge*. They are grouped into the three blend and five passive funds.

Fund name Long-term target Risk level (1 is low, 6 is high) Charge*
Blend funds              
FuturePlanner Long-term growth Inflation +5% 4 0.61%
FuturePlanner Stable growth Inflation +4% 3.5 0.66%
FuturePlanner Cautious growth Inflation +3% 3 0.56%
Passive funds
FuturePlanner Global equity Match the index return for 30% UK equities, 60% developed equities and 10% emerging-market equities 5 0.27%
FuturePlanner Corporate bonds
Match the index return for corporate bonds
2.5 0.22% 
FuturePlanner Fixed
annuity protection
Match the movement in the price of fixed annuities (investing in a mix of government and corporate bonds)  0.21%
FuturePlanner Inflation linked 
annuity protection
Match the movement in the price of inflation-linked annuities (investing
in a mix of inflation-linked gilts and corporate bonds) 
FuturePlanner Cash
Match a cash return 1 0.25%

*The charge includes all fixed provider costs and is a combination of Old Mutual Wealth charges for investment administration and River and Mercantile charges for managing the asset allocation of the fund (where applicable).