Fund options

If you have decided to manage your Retirement Account more actively, you have a range of 10 funds from which you can make your Self Select choices.

The table shows the funds with their investment objective, the risk level assigned by the Trustees based on their investment advice and the charge*. They are grouped into the three blend and seven passive funds.

Fund name Long-term target Risk level (1 is low, 6 is high) Charge*
Blend funds              
FuturePlanner Long-Term Growth Fund Inflation +5% 5 0.345%
FuturePlanner Stable Growth Fund Inflation +4% 4.5 0.370%
FuturePlanner Cautious Growth Fund Inflation +3% 3.5 0.395%
Passive funds
FuturePlanner Global Equity Fund Match the index for global equity exposure  5  0.153%
FuturePlanner ESG Global Equity Fund A global equity fund favouring companies with strong Environmental, Social and Governance characteristics with a 50% currency hedge  5  0.273%
FuturePlanner Islamic Global Equity Fund This fund aims to invest in a diversified portfolio of securities, which meet Islamic investment principles  5  0.322%
FuturePlanner Corporate Bond Fund
Match the index return for corporate bonds
2.5  0.116% 
FuturePlanner Fixed Annuity Focus Fund
Match the movement in the price of fixed annuities (investing in a mix of government and corporate bonds)   0.120%
FuturePlanner Inflation- Linked Annuity Focus Fund
Match the movement in the price of inflation-linked annuities (investing in a mix of inflation-linked gilts and corporate bonds)   0.120% 
FuturePlanner Cash Fund
Match a cash return 1  0.123%

*The charge includes all fixed provider costs and is a combination of Mobius Life charges for investment administration and Schroders charges for managing the asset allocation of the fund (where applicable).