Income protection

Protection for you if you fall ill.

Once you have been absent from work for six months, you may be covered under an Income Protection insurance policy. This has been put in place by Leonardo for members of FuturePlanner.

Income Protection insurance could provide an income of half of your salary for up to two years. The benefit will be paid if, and for so long as, your illness satisfies the insurer’s definition of incapacity that prevents you from working.

If the condition lasts through the full two-year period, then the 50% of salary payment would cease and a lump sum would become payable if you still satisfy the insurer’s definition. The value of the lump sum will depend on the length of your membership of FuturePlanner and the amount of time remaining until your State pension age. It is likely that your employer would discuss the future of your employment with you no later than when the lump sum becomes due.

You can get more information on the Income Protection insurance here.

Please note that the income protection cover is provided under a policy taken out by the Company, which reserves the right to change or withdraw it if, in its opinion, future conditions deem that is necessary.