Investing your money

Putting your money to work – how would you like your funds to be invested?

When you have decided what your level of contribution will be, you will need to make a choice about how you would like your money to be invested. Here you will find information about your investment options, as well as more about how investments work in general.

The Trustees take professional investment advice in setting the investment options. They have created a Default strategy that is suitable for the typical pension saver and which is used by the majority of members.

Alternatively, if you have the time and interest to manage your money more actively, you can choose your own funds from our Self Select range.

The future value of your pension depends on both the amount of money you contribute and also how successful the investments are over your career with the Company. Every month, the contributions you make to your Retirement Account are used to buy units in an investment fund.

The day-to-day price of the units moves in line with the value of the fund’s investments to determine how well the fund grows.