Investment charges

Understanding the costs that are applied to your Retirement Account.

Investment charges are levied on your Retirement Account each year, which relate to services such as investment advice, administration and asset management. They vary with the fund you select and apply as a percentage of the value invested in the fund.

The size of the charge is related to the complexity of the fund. For example, the blend funds tend to be more expensive than the passive funds because of the wide range of assets in the blend funds and the Schroders' charge for adjusting these fund components over time. It is hoped that the higher charges will be reflective of a better result in terms of risk and reward.

As an example, if you were invested in the Long-Term Growth blend fund, there is a charge* of 0.345%. So, for each £100 invested you would pay 34p per annum.

There are other costs within FuturePlanner of administering your benefits that are currently met by the Company. Please note that administration and investment charges are reviewed regularly and can change.

*The charge includes all fixed provider costs and is a combination of Mobius Life charges for investment administration and Schroders' charges for managing the asset allocation of the fund. The charge can vary over time. Current fund values and quarterly reports for all the funds can be accessed through the Mobius Life investment microsite, which is available via the investment section of My Account.