Meet the Trustees

The Trustees have a number of responsibilities and must always act in the best interest of the beneficiaries.

There are currently five Trustees: three are nominated by the Company and two are nominated by the members of the Plan. They have regular meetings to review the services provided to members, including checking that the investment strategy is appropriate based on the professional advice they receive.

Martin Flavell

Employer-nominated Trustee and Chairman since November 2007

Retired former Vice President, Human Resources for Leonardo

Brian Airlie

Member-nominated Trustee since February 2013

Principal Systems Engineer, Leonardo Airborne & Space Systems, Edinburgh

John Archbold

Employer-nominated Trustee since April 2009

Vice President, UK Human Resources, Leonardo Land & Naval Defence Electronics, Basildon

Mike Brinson

Member-nominated Trustee since 1 December 2017

Finance Bidding Manager, Leonardo Helicopters, Yeovil

Paul Rees

Employer-nominated Trustee since December 2014

Head of Flight Test Operations (UK), Leonardo Helicopters, Yeovil