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As a FuturePlanner member, you can manage your account online. By registering with our administrator, you can see:

  • your current Retirement Account value
  • your contributions to date
  • the funds you are invested in

There is also a pension modeller that lets you:

  • estimate your future pension at retirement
  • work out how much extra you may need to save to target a particular level of pension
  • see what your pension might be at your preferred retirement age
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Old Mutual Wealth is the investment platform provider for FuturePlanner. It has a useful microsite, which provides you with easy access to detailed information on the investment funds available to you. You’ll find current and historical fund prices and quarterly factsheets.

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FuturePlanner has appointed Fidelity to support our members in making their retirement decisions. Their website provides lots of information to help you find out about the options available to you, along with some useful planning tools to help you compare these options. You can also talk to one of their retirement specialists, who can answer questions and explain the options with their potential implications for you.

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