Transfers in

You can bring your benefits from previous employment into FuturePlanner.

You have the option to put your pension savings in one place rather than spread across many different arrangements. This applies to any pensions you have from former employers or other personal arrangements, which can be transferred in with the agreement of the Trustees and Leonardo.

A transfer may be refused if the Trustees would inherit an unknown legal obligation – such as those in connection with the equal treatment of pension benefits between men and women.

If you have a past service benefit that is on a final salary or defined benefit basis, you should be aware that FuturePlanner is a defined contribution plan, which means that any guarantees associated with the previous benefit would no longer apply on transferring in. It is recommended that you take independent financial advice before transferring from a DB scheme.

FuturePlanner is not able to take any pension where there are legacy benefits, such as from contracted-out employment or where benefits are not equal between men and women.

If you would like to consider a transfer in, please complete the transfer-in form and return it to us at or post it to our Middlesbrough address, shown on the form. If you’re not sure what action to take, you may find it helpful to take independent financial advice. You can find an adviser local to you at