Automatic enrolment

The government has introduced new legislation that requires all employers to enrol their employees into a qualifying pension scheme, if they are not already in one.

FuturePlanner is a qualifying pension scheme which exceeds the government’s new legislation. It works on a two-for-one principle and employees will be automatically enrolled at 5% of pensionable salary with the Company double-matching this contribution at 10%.

Payments into your Retirement Account will be made using Smart. You can change your contribution rate at any time, online in your own account at  Your login details will be forwarded to you by the administrator approximately 3 weeks after your first pay day.  You can also amend your contributions by completing a contribution change form.

As a member of FuturePlanner, you also receive valuable life cover and income protection.

If you wish to opt out, you can do so but please remember that you will be opted back in every three years or if you reach certain age or earnings triggers.