Joining FuturePlanner

If you are eligible, your contract of employment will include an invitation to join FuturePlanner.

FuturePlanner is available to Leonardo employees in the UK.

The sponsoring employer for the Plan is Leonardo UK Ltd and one other participating employer Telespazio VEGA UK Limited.

Your eligibility will be confirmed in your contract of employment when you join the Company.

You will be automatically enrolled into FuturePlanner on the date you start work.  Your contributions will be set at 5% of your basic salary with a double matching Company contribution of 10%.  These contributions will be invested in the Default strategy. 

You can choose to opt out and information on how to do this will be in your joining pack from the Company.  However, it is advisable to start saving for your retirement as soon as possible as this gives time for you pension savings to grow quicker.  You can use our "Two for One" tool to see how little this can cost.

Yes you can change your contributions at any time online in your own retirement account or by completing a contribution change form.  You will receive information on how to access your retirement account approximately 3 weeks after you have paid your first contribution.  If you want to change the way your contributions are invested you can also do this online in your own account or be completing an Investment Switch form.