Joining FuturePlanner

If you are eligible, your contract of employment will include an invitation to join FuturePlanner.

FuturePlanner is available to Leonardo employees in the UK.

The sponsoring employer for the Plan is Leonardo MW Ltd and the other participating employers are Aviation Training International Limited and Telespazio VEGA UK Limited.

Your eligibility will be confirmed in your contract of employment and you will be given Plan forms when you join the Company.

You will automatically be enrolled into FuturePlanner on the date you start work. However, it is much better if you complete a member’s form to choose the contribution rate you want to pay and tell us how you would like the money to be invested.

If you do not complete the forms, you will be automatically enrolled and your contributions will be set at 3% of your salary with a double-matching Company contribution of 6%. These contributions will be invested in the Default strategy.

If you have been automatically enrolled, you can change your contributions at any time by completing a contribution change form.