Self Select – managed by you

Take personal control of your investments.

Self Select is for those members of FuturePlanner who prefer to manage their account actively.

If you do not think the Default strategy is appropriate for your circumstances or you want to manage the investments of your Retirement Account more actively, you can make your own Self Select selection from a range of funds made available by the Trustees. There are 10 funds and these can be split into two groups.

The funds are all administered by Mobius Life although the underlying investment manager may change from time to time. The names of the funds and the charges associated with them can be found in the list of funds available.

You can log into My Account to check regularly how your investments are performing and to make switching instructions. Currently you can switch between the funds as often as you wish. However, the Trustees have the right to introduce switching charges if they think that is appropriate for the circumstances of the Plan.

There are three blend funds that are used for the growth phase of the Default strategy. This means that you would be relying on the skills of Schroders and the underlying managers to achieve the inflation-plus target of the fund.

The blend funds have generally higher charges than the passive funds – although it is hoped that the higher charges of the blend funds will be reflective of a better result in terms of risk and reward.

Seven passive funds for the major asset classes are available. Passive investment means that the manager aims to provide returns in line with the average or ‘index’ return for that asset class.